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Plan Newborn Photos Before Delivery

When should I schedule newborn photos?

If you’re expecting a baby, it’s a good idea to set a tentative date with your favorite photographer before your baby’s big arrival. Once your bouncing bundle of joy arrives, the never ending task of parenting gets in the way and scheduling photographs may become less of a priority. Don’t make a mistake you will regret. The earlier you photograph your newborn, the better. And, those moments of that wrinkly skin, teeny-tiny toes and slumbering baby days will be gone in a few weeks.

What’s the best age to photograph newborns?

It’s never too early to photograph a newborn baby. The earlier the better – ideally within the first two weeks of life while their skin is still wrinkly  When a newborn is less than two weeks old, they are sleepy, which allows the photographer to prop them up, move them around and play with them without waking them up. Newborn babies are very limber. They just came out of a very small space and were squished up for 9 months you know!

Wait longer than two weeks and you’ll risk a baby that’s too curious of his or her new surroundings and they will be awake for the whole session. A sleepy baby is a perfect baby to photograph. And don’t forget to feed them, because a full tummy makes nap time (photography time) longer!